Angry Birds Cartoon to Hit TV Channels

Rovio is trying to become the next Disney and therefore they are trying everything they can to make Angry Birds among the most popular gaming app in the world. The game already has become the most downloaded game in the history of gaming app but that is not going to stop Rovio from thinking what next they will plan. The company is now planning to come up with various franchise outlets where retailers can sell the soft toys and games related to Angry Birds and to make it even better Rovio is trying to come up with a cartoon that will be available for the kids.

Sharing more about the Angry Birds the company said that they want to be seen as an entertainment company and not just as simple gaming company that only develops mobile games. Rovio said that they will initially come up with 52 episodes of cartoons that will be available on various TV channels. Each cartoon will be around three minutes and will be available on various popular cartoon channels. The company also said that they will also promote and show their cartoons on various devices to ensure that everyone is aware about it.

It is said that Angry Birds cartoon will question some of the popular questions that consumers have about Angry Birds, for instance, why they are Angry and how they feel when they hit the pigs and so on.

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