Angry Birds Gets Better on Blackberry PlayBook

Since the launch of Angry Birds app game on Apple devices many companies are working together to get the most popular game on the planet on their devices. Angry Birds is already popular on various different platforms like iOS and Android and even Symbian but since Apple decided to bring Angry Birds on their iPad, RIM has decided to bring in the same game for the consumers on their Blackberry Playbook. The Blackberry Playbook is one of the best tablets available in the market and Research In Motion believes that the addition of this game will only make it better for them to push the sales of Blackberry Playbook.

In last October, Rovio and RIM went through an agreement where they have mutually decided to develop Angry Birds for the Blackberry Playbook and the results are out now. The new Blackberry Playbook will now come with Angry Birds ready software and consumers can download it directly from the app store that is regulated by Research In Motion.

Although, this sounds like a nice plan for all the Blackberry consumers but many fear that the download price that RIM will charge for the download is more than what Apple is charging to iPad consumers which will again create some market issues for Research In Motion. So far RIM has not commented on this but they will definitely work on the price factor for downloading Angry Birds.

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