Angry Birds Gets More from Space Wars

We all have known that most of the games in the past have been related to space and therefore some of the popular games have been set in space where players have to get rid of the giant space ships and aliens that come up unexpectedly. However, it was Rovio’s Angry Birds that changed the way people think about games and they managed to change the way people play games. Rovio has been trying to change the way people think about gaming companies and to some extent they have managed to change the thoughts.

The company has gained immense popularity in the last couple of years and with the launch of Angry Birds Space they have ensured that they will remain in the gaming industry for very long time. The Angry Birds Space is yet another simple idea that has been elevated to the space level and this will definitely bring in more players from all around the world. The game has already gained more than 10 million downloads in just three days which speaks about the popularity of the game.

The game takes you back to the same retro world where games were held in space and where you need to overpower all the odds to stay alive, but this time Rovio has added the anti-gravity functionality to take the game one step ahead.

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