Angry Birds Rio for iOS Gets New Levels

While all the world is going crazy for Angry Birds Space which is the latest installment of Angry Birds from Rovio. iOS users have more reasons to rejoice now as Rovio has decided to bring out more levels for Angry Birds Rio for iOS users. Angry Birds Rio is one of the popular installments from Rovio for the movie Rio and therefore there are many users that demanded that they have better levels for the game. Rovio has finally decided to bring out more 15 levels that can be bought by the users.

The all new Angry Birds Rio will have more 15 levels that players can win through various achievements in the game. This means that players will have to unlock the new levels or collect all the fruits that can help them to play those extra bonus levels. This will be an interesting strategy by Rovio that would like the players to replay all the levels in Angry Birds Rio and get through those extra 15 levels that will keep players busy.  The best way to find the bonus levels is when you click on fruit filled trophy that says Awards. When players click on that trophy all the bonus levels are unlocked.

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