Can Rovio Surpass the Video Game Records?

No matter wherever you are, you are never too far from Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space that you can download on your smartphones, computers and even handheld gaming devices. Rovio has really turned the mobile gaming industry towards a new direction where many companies in the future can hit the video game industry. As per the information provided by Rovio, Angry Birds Space managed to get 10 million downloads in just three days from the day the game was launched. Now, you can make your estimates on how much Rovio has already earned in such a short time.

Angry Birds Space on iOS would cost 99 cents to the downloader as well as $6 for those who are downloading the game for Windows computer. This means that Rovio has already surpassed some of the records that only few can imagine about.

However, many gaming experts now believe that Rovio might soon break some of the records that were created by video game companies in the past. Top video games like Modern Warfare 3 received only 6.5 million users in the first few days where as Angry Birds Space have already managed to break that record. Now, with Angry Birds Space available for Windows 7 phone experts feel that there is more to come from Rovio.

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