Nestle Deals with Rovio in Israel

Rovio is capturing the global market with all kinds of products that they can find and now Rovio has got into a new deal with Nestle that is among the biggest companies in the world that makes consumer based products. The all new Angry Birds Popsicle is the latest craze in Israel with all the kindergarten age kids because all of them are looking out for Nestle’s Angry Birds Popsicle. Today, you can find many people that are looking out for the Angry Birds Popsicle that they can buy for their kids. Many of the store owners claim that the Angry Birds Popsicle by Nestle has actually sold out like hot cakes.

The data provided by StoreNext Israel has confirmed that Angry Birds Popsicle has actually defeated all the other local brands that are available in the market. In the first quarter itself Angry Birds Popsicle has captured 11% of the ice cream market. The data also revealed that 74% of the consumers that bought these Angry Birds Popsicle are youngsters who are mostly parents.  On the other hand, 93% of the Angry Birds Popsicles were for children. Nestle is still leading the market in Israel but with the launch of Angry Birds Popsicles Nestle has taken the competition in the ice cream market to the next level.

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