Rovio Deals with JoyCome

We all know that few weeks ago, Rovio’s CEO went to China for promoting the Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds that have received huge popularity there as well. The game developer company said that large percentage of downloads for Angry Birds came from China and therefore the company is interested in providing better products to the customers in China. Rovio believes that since the game is immensely popular in China they should promote more products in China that would only boost their download numbers and provide them with more sales in the future.

Now, Rovio has announced that they have deal up with JoyCome and together they will come up with Angry Birds ham sausages to create Angry Birds meat snacks. Chinese people love pork products and therefore Rovio and JoyCome have decided that they would come up with pork products that have Angry Birds logo on it. Originally, the partnership was only for promotional basis, but Rovio has decided that they will take the step further and they will provide better options to JoyCome to promote their pork products with Angry Birds logo on it. These snack packs are available at all leading convenience stores in Beijing and rest of the China.

Rovio has announced that consumers will get three packs of fatty ham with jalapeno, two packs of breakfast sausages, two flavored sausages and two black pepper sausages. The smell will be different from the rest of the ham packs available in the market to provide a distinct Angry Birds smell to it. Many people who are interested in eating pork products are already looking forward to buying it from the stores so that they can enjoy the Angry Birds meal in their own kitchen whenever they want.

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