The Debate Around Angry Birds

There is no doubt that Angry Birds have gained huge popularity around the world being the number one gaming app around the globe. However, every popular game in the world goes through severe criticism and there are many people globally that believe that Angry Birds is only popular globally because of the marketing strategies that have been applied by Rovio. Many gaming experts believe that there is nothing really unique about Angry Birds because there have been games much before Angry Birds that follow the same physics and have the same kind of gaming strategy.

Hence, many believe that Rovio only tried to make money from the old things that were already available in the market. However, on the other side there are many people that believe that Rovio invented a better game from simple physics especially when the market was going crazy with touch screen phones. The developer of the game has worked hard on making simple game look and sound better and therefore Angry Birds have gained better popularity globally. The developers on the other hand, claim that they are more focused on being an entertainment company rather than being called as a game company that they want to get rid of.

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