Why Angry Birds Have Gained So Much Popularity?

In a world where there are millions of gaming apps and programs available many people wonder why Angry Birds have gained so much popularity when there are other similar games in the market that do not perform so well. Many gaming analysts and experts believe that Angry Birds is nothing new to the world of gaming and that there are many other games in the market that have the same physics formula but the only difference between those games and Angry Birds is the way it is presented to the audiences which makes an entire new experience.

Many experts believe that Rovio has made the game very simple and therefore you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the fundamentals of the game. This means that this game can be played by people from all walks of life and all age groups. There are many elderly people that love this game as well. So, it is not just the young generation that is crazy about this birdy game that is getting immense popularity.

Another reason why Angry Birds have gained immense popularity is because it is available on different platforms and Rovio is working hard to spread it across all new platforms in the future. Angry Birds is available on iOS for Apple, Android, Symbian and now the same game is available for Nintendo handheld gaming device. It is also expected that the game will now move on with Sony PS Vita if the deal goes through.

The response time of the game is also an important factor because people today love small games that they can wrap up as quickly as possible. The goal in Angry Birds is to destroy the pigs as quickly as you can to move on to the next level and therefore it becomes convenient for busy users to play in short time.

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